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VMware ThinApp Crack

VMware ThinApp accelerates application deployment and simplifies application migration by isolating applications from their underlying operating systems to eliminate application conflict and streamline delivery and management. When migrating from prior Windows OS versions, migrate legacy web applications that rely on Internet Explorer 6 by virtualizing IE6 along with the application.

Eliminate application conflicts by isolating applications from each other and the underlying OS into a single executable file that can be easily deployed to many endpoints, independently or with App Volumes.

Enable multiple applications and “sandboxed” user-specific configuration data to reside safely on the same server. Deploy ThinApp packages on “locked-down” PCs and allow end-users to run their favorite applications without compromising security.

VMware ThinApp License Key Overview

VMware ThinApp Crack

VMware ThinApp Windows 10 (formerly known as Thinstall) is advanced application virtualization, packaging applications, and portable application creator suite. VMware Thinapp Enterprise allows you to create portable applications which means you can create application packages that run normally without the need for installation. It does not require any installation of device drivers, allowing applications to run directly from any portable drives and networks.

VMware Thinapp Enterprise Full Crack offers a set of advanced virtualization tool that allows you to accelerate application deployment and simplify application migration. Each application is packaged to be able to walk alone, isolated, more efficiently, more securely, and without conflict with the system or other applications.

Compatibility With Broad Range Of Applications

  • Proven deployments on simple-to-complex applications ranging from basic Microsoft Office to custom applications with Java or .NET.
  • Active Directory integration: VMware ThinApp does not require any distribution, streaming, or activation servers or agents. It works with AD, ESD enforcement tools, and open protocols so no additional hardware, software licenses, and ongoing maintenance costs for backend infrastructure is required.
  • Execution from USB key with portable profiles/user settings: Enable a user to run critical applications from a USB key while maintaining corporate security requirements.
  • Integration with 3rd-party application management solutions: Creates.MSI and/or.EXE file that plugs into existing electronic software delivery systems (Inventory, Configuration Management Database, Definitive Software Library, Packagers) without additional integrations required.
  • Application Sync: Enables application updates for mobile users as well as third parties on the corporate extranet, ensuring the availability of the latest version of the application, reducing patch risks to machines that are taken off the network. Update virtual applications via Http/https over the LAN or WAN leveraging existing software delivery systems.
  • Application Link: Allows packaged applications to dynamically establish dependencies (“links”) with other packaged applications. Administrators create separate packages of interdependent components such as Java or .NET runtimes and the applications that rely on them. Each component is delivered independently while sharing resources across multiple ThinApp packages.
  • Package it once, deliver to many: Execute a packaged application on Windows NT, Windows PE, or XP Embedded without retesting or repackaging the application for each operating system.
  • System snapshots: Provides administrators with a rapid three-step process for pre- and post-install system states for packaging simplicity and for supporting applications that require a reboot during the installation process.
  • ISV embeddable: Organizations can deliver their custom application throughout their extranet using VMware ThinApp application virtualization technology.

VMware ThinApp Alternatives & Similar Software

Comodo Virtual Desktop:

Comodo Virtual Desktop is a sandboxed OS and virtualization system operated by the Comodo that is popularly known as providing the Chromium-based web browsers. It has its way of making the system of its users keep and secure.

Unlike other sandbox OS and programs that are based on the technology of virtualization, Comodo Virtual Desktop has its independent state of the art protection technology. This technology makes users able to keep the real environment of their system safe and secure for both online and offline activities.


Sandboxie is freemium application isolation and checking program that allows the developers and programmers to check for the internal health and the overall status of their program. The software is designed for those who want to test their new software and allows conscious of their credibility.

There are a lot of isolation programs that allow you to test safely new software without actually or permanently installing them on a local or mapped drive. Sandboxie is that kind of program that, via its isolated operating environment, allows the new application and software to run on your system without installation in the local or mapped drive.


BufferZone is the name of the endpoint security system that makes the large enterprises able to keep their internal IT environment safe and secure. It is a security program that is designed to keep the IT system protect from zero-day exploits, phishing scams, and those other unwanted threats. It also created for those threats which try to make an insecure environment during the installation of any new program.

Today BufferZone is being used as the alternative of most of the leading virtual environment creators and protection providers. It isolates the threats and malfunctioning at the initial stage and provides a secure installation of software at endpoints.

Deep Freeze:

Deep Freeze or Faronics Deep Freeze is a software application available to use on Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. The software allows administrators to protect the core OS and configuration files on the workstation or server by restoring a computer to the default configuration; each time the computer is restarted.

It is also known as a Reboot to Restore Software. Deep Freeze is a perfect choice for a variety of PC problems, and it can avoid the associated problems of malware, ransomware, and different kinds of accidental changes by users.

Toolwiz TimeFreeze:

Toolwiz TimeFreeze is a system restore program based on the technology of virtualization and makes the users able to discard any unwanted changes that become part of the system. Commercial or premium software is much time secure as compared to all the other free software.

Free applications and programs can be more harmful to the system because these contain more viruses and malware as compared to the premium one. When you install these errors and malware containing applications in your system, these will change the setting of your system.

Microsoft Application Virtualization:

Microsoft Application Virtualization is a software that is called the Microsoft App-V. It is the virtualization system by Microsoft that makes the users able to test the new programs in the Windows operating systems without even really installing then directly on the PC.

Microsoft Application Virtualization makes it easier for the IT experts to deploy across a fleet of devices by allowing access to virtualized applications to any authorized PC client.

VMware ThinApp Portable Key Features :

  • Execute applications in safe mode
  • Own DLL file and registry changes
  • Isolated applications run in a virtual
  • Faster deployments and reducing risks
  • Easier to manage and deploy
  • Run directly from the compressed data
  • Quickly migrate your applications
  • Launch applications from any storages
  • Reliable and flexible application
  • Supports all Windows environments
  • Run applications without admin rights
  • Sandbox system for terminal services
  • And so much more.

What’s New in VMWare ThinApp 5 Crack?

  • New added OpenSSL for decoding license
  • Other new features and improvements.

VMware ThinApp Portable Keygen Download

How to install/activate VMware ThinApp 5.2.9 Crack?

  • Disconnect from the internet (most recommended)
  • Unpack and install the VMware ThinApp keygen (launch setup)

Use provided Keygen to generate license keys

Or just extract and launch the portable version

  • Block the program by a firewall (recommended)

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